Reinventing healthcare technology stack

The technology that makes healthcare accessible, affordable, and accountable. The patient-centric platform passionately built by doctors, engineers, and researchers.



Implement state-of-the-art tools for integrating medical care and research

Patient Organizations

Facilitate frictionless collaboration between patients, clinicians, and researchers


Accelerate clinical trials with optimal recruitment, engagements, and retention


One Patient One Record

Your Data in Your Hands

Outbreak Monitoring

Tracks Epidemics and Pandemics

Preventive Healthcare

Disease Prevention as Opposed to Treatment

Cost Effective

Free for Patients, Almost Free for Doctors

Saves Time & Effort

Accelerates Clinical Workflow

Tap Expert Network

Share Data, Share Findings, Share Solutions

Power of Cloud

Access Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

User Centric

Designed both for Patients & Doctors

Compliance & Standardization

ICD-10, DICOM, FHIR, etc.



I run a multispeciality hospital having patients across the strata. Managing the clinical and operational side has become really easy. I specially like the way it allows me to keep the history of my patients and the overall experience.


Doctor's Diary makes my life simpler. I get easy follow up consults, and all my health info is easily accessible now. Love the medicine reminders too. Thanks for the freedom you have given me. Freedom to never worry about all these.


BISR and Brainpan Innovations are working together on solving some of the high impact problems related to preventive medicine. They bring in the much needed technical impetus through their extra-ordinary health care application making scientific innovation more realistic than ever before.